VC Exhibition

The Victoria Cross (VC) recognises extreme bravery and is the highest military award for bravery in the UK.

In 2017 I was privileged to invite the Mayor of the Royal Borough to open Victoria Park, Dedworth- a new park on the edge of the Broom Farm Estate.  The name of the park was chosen by a local resident, Robert Irvine, who recalled that many of the street names on Broom Farm were named to commemorate VC holders such as:

Peter Wright  10 August 1916 – 5 April 1990 (Wright Way)

John Kenneally 15 March 1921 – 27 September 2000 (Kenneally Walk)

I am planning an exhibition to be held at RBWM libraries in 2018 that will explain the background to this unique award and the stories behind the medals.  It will also cover VC holders who have or were connected to the Royal Borough such as the seven VC holders buried in the Royal Borough:

  • Sgt Oliver Brooks (Windsor)
  • Col Mark Bell (Ascot)
  • Col Francis Maude (Windsor)
  • Able Seaman Edward Robinson (Old Windsor)
  • Air Commodore Ferdinand West (Sunningdale)
  • Maj General Robert Rogers (All Saints, Maidenhead)
  • William Thomas Forshaw (Touchen End)

If you know any recipient with a connection to the Royal Borough or are interested in helping set up this exhibition please get in touch with me.