At election time  in 2015 Cllr Mike Airey and I promised to make sure that roads in Dedworth were improved. Although parts of Foster Avenue, Poolmans Road, Dedworth Road and Clewer Hill Road have been resurfaced in the past few years more needs to be done. I want to get some of our major roads resurfaced to free up resource to deal with smaller side roads.

This is my list of roads that we want to repair (updates in brackets):

1. White Horse Rd (Done)

2. Tinkers Lane ((Done)

3. Clewer Hill Road (Done)

4. Wolf Lane (Done- Forest Road to Maypole roundabout)

5. Keepers Farm Close (Top Half Re Resurfaced)

6. Basford Way (Done)

7. Keeler Close (Done)

8. Cranbourne Avenue (Done)

9. Abbots Walk (Done)

10. Manor Farm Close (Done)

11. Camm Avenue (Done to Luff Close)

12. Roundabout Dedworth Rd/ Wolf Lane (Done)

13. Park Corner (Done to Burton Way)

14. Bell View (Done)

15. Bell View Close (Done)

16. Burnham Close (Done)

17. Wolf Lane (Done)

18. Wolf Lane (Top of White Horse Rd) (Done)

It’s a big list (and there’s always more to do!) but I’m making sure that Clewer and Dedworth roads get attention now and in the future.