Road Safety

Making our roads and streets safer is a key objective for me and Cllr Mike Airey. Getting speeds down on St Andrews Crescent/ Ave and Tinkers Lane are a particular issue for us as these residential roads are popular short cuts that are abused by a small number of drivers. We have had surveys conducted in both areas and, although most drivers understand the need to keep within 30 mph, there are a few who break the limit and put residents and themselves at danger- for what?

I have organised new (static and flashing) signage on the roads and lamp posts to remind drivers of the speed limit in St Andrews and Tinkers. Later this year residents will have stickers for their wheelie bins to tell drivers to slow down. I will also be talking to the police and our schools about road safety and how we can make our streets safer.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on road safety please drop me a line.

Tinkers Lane Slow
Slow Down on Tinkers Lane
St Andrews Slow
Slow Down on St Andrews Cres