Dedworth Councillor Ed Wilson
Dedworth Councillor Ed Wilson
Roses Lane Clean Up

Few towns and cities are immune from litter. It is depressing that in the 21st century there are people and businesses who can’t dispose of their cans, bottles, paper a safe and sensible way. We don’t have to let litter beat us or blight our area!


I make sure that our Community Wardens are up for catching people who carelessly dispose of litter and allow their dogs to pooh in our streets and parks without clearing it up. We have laws to deal with this sort of thing and I believe that we should use them!

I am particularly keen to keep litter down in our communal garages (e.g. Ash Lane and Basford Way). Apart from being a mess there is some evidence to suggest that after litter comes fly tipping and after fly tipping comes nuisance and crime. No easy answers, but I am determined to improve the state of our communal garages.

Along with the other Dedworth councillors I have “adopted” Dedworth Road and volunteer my services to tidy up the road from time to time. The Council have provided me with gloves, high visibility jacket, rubbish sacks and litter picker. Volunteers can’t do the job that our street cleaning team, but they can make a big difference.

I find that it’s a great way to meet and talk to residents and see any problem areas at first hand. It also helps to keep down the litter in our area!

You can get more details about the Royal Borough’s Adopt a Street programme by going to

If you want to join me in litter picking on Dedworth Road or anywhere else in Clewer South please do get in touch.

Dedworth Spring Clean Day