Good Business Neighbour

Residents can now nominate businesses in Clewer and Dedworth for our Good Business Neighbour Award.  If you think that one of our local businesses makes a difference to our community by keeping their shop clear of litter, sponsoring local community groups or helping elderly residents please nominate them for this award.

Good Bus Neighbour 2016

The first winner of the award is Dedworth Convenience Stores.  Well done to Dal and Manjit who work hard serving Dedworth residents, especially our more senior residents who value a friendly local shop.  Dal and Manjit received their award from the Mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead Cllr Eileen Quick.

Good Bus Neighbour1
WINNER! Dedworth Convenience Stores

Delighted to award the Clewer & Dedworth Good Business Neighbour Award 2017.  In the words of one resident ‘ They give a wonderful service to the neighbourhood by always being friendly, selling a bit of everything, decorating the shop during Halloween ( which is always lovely), keeping the outside clean and even offering a parcel pick up service which comes very handy especially at Christmas.

Clewer & Dedworth Convenience Stores 2017