Roads & Pavements Improvements 2015- 2018

  1. White Horse Rd (Done)
  2. Tinkers Lane ((Done)
  3. Clewer Hill Road (Done)
  4. Wolf Lane (Done- Forest Road to Maypole roundabout)
  5. Keepers Farm Close (Top Half Re Resurfaced)
  6. Basford Way (Done)
  7. Keeler Close (Done)
  8. Cranbourne Avenue (Done)
  9. Abbots Walk (Done)
  10. Manor Farm Close (Done)
  11. Camm Avenue (Done to Luff Close)
  12. Roundabout Dedworth Rd/ Wolf Lane (Done)
  13. Park Corner (Done to Burton Way)
  14. Rectory Close (Done)
  15. Dedworth Road (St Andrews Ave Parade) (Done)
  16. Vale Road/ Maidenhead Road (Done)
  17. Aston Mead (Done)
  18. Reed Way (Done)
  19. Fuzzens Wal (Footpath) (Done)
  20. Maidenhead Road- sections (Done)
  21. Dedworth Rd (pavement o/s 286) (Done)
  22. Dedworth Rd (pavement top of Smiths Lane) (Done)
  23. Dedworth Rd Speed Humps/ Zebra (Done)
  24. Luff Close (Pavements) (Done)

Roads & Pavements Improvements 2018/19

  1. Bell View (Done)
  2. Bell View Close (Done)
  3. Burnham Close (Done)
  4. Wolf Lane (Piner Cottages) (Done)
  5. Wolf Lane (Top of White Horse Rd) (Done)
  6. Wolf Lane (Speed Humps) (Done)
  7. Poolmans Road (Pavement) (Done)
  8. Priors Road (Pavement) (Done)
  9. Monks Road (Pavement) (Done)
  10. Pierson Road (Done)
  11. Alden View (Done)
  12. Cawcott Drive (Done)
  13. Clifton Rise (Done)
  14. Dedworth Road (Vale Road to Pirate Park) (Done)
  15. Dedworth Road (Kentons Lane to Vale Road) (Done)
  16. Hayse Hill (Done)
  17. Kingsfield (Done)
  18. Mill Lane (Done)
  19. Stephenson Drive (Done)
  20. Vale Road (Done)
  21. Gallys Road (Dedworth Rd to Marbeck Close) (Done)
  22. Hatch Lane (Dedworth Rd to Carter Close) (Done)
  23. Hatch Lane (Dedworth Rd to Carter Close) (Pavement) (Done)
  24. Maidenhead Rd (Nr Oakley Court Hotel) (Done)
  25. Maidenhead Rd (Nr Phoenix Gym) (Done)
  26. Holly Crescent/ The Parade (Pavement) (Done)
  27. Dedworth Rd/ Manor Rd (Pavement) (Done)
  28. Orchard Avenue (Pavement) (Done)
  29. Clewer Park (Pavement) (Done)
  30. Tozer Walk (Pavement) (Done)
  31. Speed humps on Dedworth Road (Done)
  32. Speed humps at top of Smiths Lane (Done)
  33. Speed humps on Wolf Lane (Done)
  34. Bell View (Pavements) (Done)
  35. Ash Lane
  36. Hanley Close
  37. Frymley Close
  38.  St Andrews Avenue