Victoria Park

Our new park is situated off Broom Farm, Dedworth and will provide  a great open space for service families and Dedworth residents.  It was a boggy field and we have taken time to get it properly drained.

The park consists of 8 acres of quiet, flat land that is ideal for walkers, runners, joggers and dog walkers.  It will include a properly drained football pitch, orchard, 1 km of walkway, flagpole, regimental benches and picnic tables. These will complement the existing multi use games area that has been on the site for some time.

We will be planting lots of trees and wildlife friendly plants here in due course.  A lavender walk will also be established at the park with more than 100 lavender bushes.

Plans to plant more than 5,000 daffodil bulbs have been put on hold until the drainage issues have been resolved, but these will go in as part of our bulb planting programme which has been responsible for more than 17,000 spring flowering bulbs being planted in Clewer south in the past 18 months.

Broom Farm Open Space to VICTORIA PARK (FEBRUARY 2017).

I am grateful to the Windsor Express and the Binoy for running a competition to find a name for eth park.  Victoria Park was chosen from a list of more than 30 suggestions.

We chose Victoria Park as many of the street names in Broom Farm are named after service personnel who were awarded the Victoria Cross.  A great name for what will become a great park for all Dedworth residents.

Cllr Ed Wilson at Broom Farm Park
Cllr Ed Wilson at Victoria Park

6th AUGUST 2017

Victoria Park is officially open!  A proud moment for Cllr Mike Airey and myself who are very grateful for all the hard work from RBWM staff in making this happen for our residents.

Windsor’s New Park

Update 17th Dec 2017

First lot of daffodils (more than 2,000) planted.  Next step is the lavender walk in 2018.

Dedworth's New Park
Park is being well used by some regulars