Complaints about fly tipping at Sutherland Grange have fallen away recently as RBWM have improved their management of the recycling area. We continue to collect a lot of recycled waste from the recycling facility and I know that many residents have welcomed the changes made at the site during the past year.

The Recycling Centre is not perfect but is a useful community facility and I will continue to campaign to keep community facilities in Dedworth.

I am pressing for extra bins to be installed there in the coming weeks and prosecutions for fly tipping are progressing.  The site can’t be ignored as it has in the past and it does need to be properly managed, but that’s no reason why we should  abandon it and see fly tipping build up in the area.

Subject to the outcome of the municipal elections in May, I will continue to ensure that RBWM keeps improving and managing this facility on behalf of all residents.