As part of our Clewer & Dedworth Improvement Plan the Royal Borough has been improving Sutherland Grange. The work completed to date includes: * Drainage at the entrance to make it less muddy
* Entrance fencing replaced
* Entrance gates improved and slabs laid
* Clearing vegetation at the front and at the riverbank
* Boardwalks around the very wet areas leading to the back field

In the coming weeks we will be installing new bins and new benches at the Grange and finishing off a few minor jobs. These works will make Sutherland Grange less muddy and more useable.

Thereafter it’s onto Phase 2. This will involve, among other things, taking down the fence at the Eastern end and make that part of Grange useable.
If you have any questions about how we want to improve Sutherland Grange or if you have an idea/ suggestion, please get in touch with me.