Trial mini-roundabouts scheme

When Tesco Express opened at the old Three Elms site, it did not require planning permission from RBWM for change of use. In response to concerns raised by residents about congestion and road safety at the junction of Dedworth Road, Clarence Road, Hatch Lane and Parsonage Lane, the Royal Borough has taken the decision to trial a double mini-roundabout at the junction.

With the double mini-roundabout, the traffic lights at the junction will be switched off and “bagged” for the duration of the trial period. As part of the works it is necessary for the traffic island and signal pole in the mouth of the Hatch Lane junction to be removed to accommodate the mini-roundabout in this location (The island and signal pole would be reinstated if the trial scheme is removed). Temporary traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings will be installed on three of the arms, located further from the junctions than at present for safety reasons.

To view a plan showing the scheme, please see https://www3.rbwm.gov.uk/…/dedworth_road_hatch_lane_parsona…

The trial scheme will be in place from the week commencing Monday 28 January 2019, for a duration of approximately eight to ten weeks. All households on Parsonage Lane and Hatch Lane (and roads coming off), Orchard Avenue, and Clarence Road (from Clewer Memorial Park to Orchard Ave) will have received a hand delivered letter with further details.

The works to implement the new layout, will require the use of 4-way temporary traffic lights, from 28th January until no later than 1st February, whilst the existing permanent traffic lights are switched off and the trial arrangements are implemented.

Traffic and pedestrian crossing surveys were carried out prior to the trial and will be repeated during the trial period to provide information which will help inform decisions on longer term arrangements for the junction.

We are keen to hear from residents on the trial scheme, and feedback received will be a key consideration in future decisions for the junction. Please have your say by completing the Dedworth Road/Hatch Lane Trial mini-roundabouts survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TJRCFWL

This consultation will close on Sunday 31 March 2019.