In the past 3 years more than 30,000 spring bulbs have been planted in my ward with support from residents, Cllr Mike Airey, the Crown Estate and the Royal Borough. There is a mix of daffodils, tulips, crocus, snowdrops and even the odd Allium.  The bulbs brighten up the area and tell us that summer is on the way!

In the past couple of years I have test planted some bluebells at Castle Farm Spinney and they seem to like the woodland environment there.

If there is public support for it, I would like to create a bluebell walk in the area.  This would follow a route from Hemwood Dell (Hemwood Rd) to Castle Farm Spinney (Burnham Cl) and take in Wolf Lane Spinney.  The project would be completed over several years and involve planting up about 7,500 natural bluebell bulbs as well as 2,500 bulbs “in the green”.

A woodland path would be created, and the pavement fixed at Wolf Lane Spinney.  This would become a good walking route even when the bluebells are not in season (they usually come out about April time).

Any thoughts or suggestions on this idea are welcome.