Earlier this year I advised that local Conservative councillors had secured £450k of extra investment for Clewer & Dedworth. I also promised that many of our roads would be improved this year.

RBWM have now completed 21 road improvement schemes in Clewer & Dedworth this year. This includes fixing many of the speed humps on Dedworth Rd, Wolf Lane and Smiths Lane.

It’s been a complex programme of work that has caused some disruption. I’d like to thank residents and business owners for their patience and RBWM staff and contractors for getting this work done before the winter.

Having lived here for more than 25 years I can’t recall this number of road improvements being delivered by the council within a year.

One large scheme at Dedworth Rd has been put on hold until utility work is completed at the end of the year.

There’s a lot more to do. That’s why I have already submitted a request for more investment and updated our improvement plans with more roads and pavements to be repaired in Clewer & Dedworth.

This work will continue with your support.

If you know about a road that needs improvement in Clewer & Dedworth please let me know. If you would like to see the roads and pavements improved in our area over the past few years, please visit