Earlier this year the Local Government Boundary Commission reviewed the number of councillors in RBWM and the ward patterns. They reduced the number of councillors in the Royal Borough from 57 to 41 and changed the ward boundaries in many areas including Dedworth. This change will take place at the next municipal elections in May 2019.

Two new wards will replace the current Clewer North and Clewer South arrangement:

Clewer & Dedworth West- Broom Farm to Wolf Lane/ Smiths Lane; Hemwood Rd down to the Willows.
Clewer & Dedworth East- Smiths Lane to Vale Road; St Leonards Hill to Maidenhead Rd.

I have been asked to stand for election with Cllr Malcolm Alexander in the Clewer & Dedworth West ward.

Current councillors will still represent their existing wards until May.

In the meantime, if you live in the Clewer & Dedworth West ward please get in touch with me if there are any issues or concerns that you would like my help with.

Cllr Alexander & Cllr Wilson