The Royal Borough’s Cabinet has been briefed on the issues surrounding illegal encampments at 10 vulnerable sites across the Royal Borough. I have asked that these included Dedworth Manor, Whiteley and Maidenhead Road (and they have duly been included in their review).

I have also spoken with the relevant members of the Royal Borough’s cabinet and have been advised that:

  • Residents living in and around Whiteley will be consulted on arrangements to replace the temporary ditch that was dug to stop a potential encampment in August;
  • Letters outlining the options will be sent to residents in early October and the consultation completed by the end of October;
  • The consultation will include an option for a landscaped ditch/ mound (which is recommended by officers to be the best method of stopping and incursions of caravans), other options can be suggested;
  • Residents in Maidenhead Rd should be consulted on options for defences in their area by mid November.
  • Metal posts will be installed to supplement the wooden posts at Dedworth Manor.

If you live in these areas and would like further information please contact your ward councillors or myself if you feel that I can help.