I am responsible for Wolf Lane from Dedworth Rd to Poolmans Rd.  Over the past two years I have initiated a number of improvements here:

  • resurfacing from Poolmans Rd to Keepers Farm Close;
  • resurfacing Forest Rd to Dedworth Rd;
  • replacing the streetlights;
  • planting a new tree at the Keepers Farm Close entrance;
  • fixing the wall; trees and weeds at the other planter;
  • planting two new trees at the park side of the Lane;
  • getting the road signs to face the right way;
  • repairing and cleaning the bus shelter; and
  • replaced the bollards at the speed “cordon”.

In the coming months we will be consulting residents about parking restrictions in the lower half of Wolf Lane and marking out the bus stop there.  In late Autumn we will be planting around 2,000 tulips down the Wolf Lane side of Osgood Park.  New climbing frames will also be installed at Osgood Park this year.

There are lots of “Wolf Lanes” in Dedworth that need structured improvement over a number of years.  I would be interested to know where they are so please drop me a line if you know about a street in Clewer & Dedworth that needs this kind of attention.