Cllr Mike Airey and I have been speaking with residents in and around Wolf Lane/ Foster Ave about the upcoming road closures in Wolf Lane. Details are:

Wolf Lane Closed for resurfacing- 31st August 0930 to 1600.

I have been advised that the work should take about 5 hours and that work on the other section of Wolf Lane (at the top of Tinkers lane) will happen afterwards. The roads will not be closed at the same time.

Courtney Buses have told me that they will operate a diversion from 0930 to 1600 for their 16/16A. They have said that passengers from Wolf Lane & Foster Avenue will be directed to Maypole stops (including the one near the Church) or Sebastopol on Clewer Hill Road. Full details will be on their website https://www.courtneybuses.com/service-updates

Advice of the road closure is being delivered through signs;  letters; web sites; social media etc but if you know anyone affected please do pass on this information.

No other way to resurface this part of the road without some disruption so please do bear with us on Friday.

If you would like to see a full list of highways improvements completed and to be completed, please see http://www.westwindsor.yourcllr.com