It was good to see some of trees on Dedworth Road trimmed back this week. A few have been cut down as they were diseased and presented a safety risk.  Their stumps will be ground down in due course and new trees planted.

A new tree is also due to be planted in the empty tree pit at 124 Dedworth Road.  I had one planted near there last year and it appears to be doing well.

There is always more to do with trees, especially on Dedworth Rd where they make a big contribution to the environment.  Trees do need to be properly managed and replaced where necessary.  We’ve planted a lot of trees in Dedworth in the past 3 years and trimmed many in Clewer South (not always hard enough in my view).

Council officers are also looking carefully at the trees in Osgood Park and will cut back some very mature trees at Basford Way/ Tozer walk area.  If you have any questions about trees in Dedworthplease do get in touch with me.