Regular users of Osgood Park will know that some well-intentioned people put out bread for the birds that is sometimes eaten by their pets rather than the birds. The result can often be doggies with upset tummies and birds with empty tummies.

This may change now that I have donated a small bird table, which has been installed at the park. I commissioned this from Thames Forge in Maidenhead as a normal wooden table would not have lasted too long in a public park. They have done a great job in producing something that commemorates the late Peter Osgood and is also functional and hopefully vandal proof!

RBWM’s contractors did a great job of the installation- it’s not every day that they are asked to install a metal bird table!

I am told that this is the first ever bird table in a Royal Borough park.  Maybe it’s time for others?

Let’s see what the results are in due course.  Hopefully, over time it will solve the problem of rotten food being dumped at the park.  It may also encourage some wildlife to the park too.

Osgood Park Bird Table