Castle Farm Spinney Pavement

Improvements at Castle Farm Spinney, Dedworth continue this year. I have had the pavement at the southern end of the spinney to be repaired following tree damage.  The area is now safe to walk on.

Last year’s bulbs are coming up and the primroses planted two years ago look as if they will add a splash of colour this year. I have had the latch fixed to make sure the southern gate stays shut.  Meanwhile the spinney continues to be free from litter and dog poop, although one of the bins appears to be full most of the time while the other one is nearly empty!

The woodland path will be topped up with bark again this year. There is a couple of muddy patches left, but generally the path is improving each year.

Alas a bit of graffiti has appeared on the signs, but this will be cleaned.

Castle Farm Spinney continues to be a peaceful woodland space in Dedworth (off Wyatt Road) where walkers are now able to wander. If you would like to help keep this area free from litter please do get in touch with me.