The Royal Borough has approved a budget that includes an extra £450,000 of investment in Clewer & Dedworth!

This will make sure that we can repair more than 20 roads and pavements in our area this year.  It will also be used to fund improvements at Sutherland Grange and at Osgood Park.  Lots of basic but necessary work to improve Clewer & Dedworth in the coming year.

RBWM Highways teams have already surveyed roads and pavements in Clewer and Dedworth that need to be brought up to standard.  The work will be agreed soon and should  get underway during the summer (it will not happen all at once!).

There is always more to do, but this investment should make a big difference to our area.

I will keep residents updated on this work through my newsletters and this website.

p.s. it was great to see Homer School being allocated £100k for essential rewiring and safety works too!