Along with Cllr Mike Airey and Dedworth’s Conservative councillors, I have been lobbying for extra cash for roads in Dedworth and Clewer.  Our proposals were approved by the full council last month.  more than 450,000 pounds wil be invested in Dedworth and Clewer this year.  Much of that will go on improving our roads and pavements.

This year it should be possible to complete repairs to the following roads in Clewer south:

  • Bell View
  • Burnham Close
  • Bell View Close; and
  • Wolf Lane

I would also like to see the joints in St Andrews Avenue repaired.  Having resurfaced Cranbourne Avenue this year and St Andrews Crescent in 2015 the road network in this part of Windsor will then be back up to scratch.  Getting our roads in Dedworth & Clewer up to standard is something that I asked the Royal Borough cabinet to consider last summer:

windsor Express- Cllr Wilson on Roads

In addition to the road repairs I am also proposing that we continue with improvements to speed humps along Dedworth Road.  In 2017 we removed one hump and smoothed out a further two humps and I am keen to see this work continue as long as  road safety is not compromised.

I will keep residents updated on progress.