Some residents have suggested that the new seat on Dedworth Road (outside the Urbis flats) should be complemented by a bin.  I have now secured a well-designed bin for the area.  It should be installed by RBWM contractors in the coming weeks.

The bin will cut down on litter in this area- it will not stop it completely.

With the other new bins in the area; regular street cleaning; volunteer litter pickers and signage we are starting to get on top of the litter problem on Dedworth Road.  There is still a long way to go, but the volume of litter on this road has been declining and I will be working hard to ensure that the trend continues.  I still pick up lots of energy drinks can and sweet wrappers which suggests that our children could be encouraged to bin their rubbish.

Do drop me a line if you know about any litter grot spots or have any ideas on how Clewer & Dedworth can be kept tidy.