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    Dedworth councillors have been out and about promoting Dedworth Recycling Day.  It will take place on Saturday 17th September from 9.30 at Clewer Memorial Recreation Ground (Pirate Park).  Come along for: FREE COMPOST FREE FOOD RECYCLING BAGS FREE ADVICE ON RECYCLING If you want to ask about what you can put in your recycling bins…


    Litter in Osgood Park is a constant issue, especially around the entrance at Fuzzens Walk (see earlier post).  A new, lockable bin has now been installed at my request at Fuzzens Walk and I am hoping that it will keep down litter in this area which bears the brunt of much anti social behaviour in the…

  • Clewer Hill Road Resurfaced!

    Thanks to all residents who have called, written or spoke to me about the resurfacing of Clewer Hill Road.  It would appear that the last time this was done was in the late nineties, which explained the poor state of the road! Onwards to Wolf Lane with the resurfacing wagons!