Big Belly Bins Eat Up Litter!

Different councils use different techniques to deal with litter.  I have recently visited the City of London’s Waste Department to share ideas on how to control the growing nuisance of litter in our streets.

The City Corporation uses “big belly” bins that have all but put an end to overflowing bins in the City.  These bins have a compactor that crushes the rubbish inside the bin when it gets too full.  The compactor is powered by a solar panel on top if the bin which runs on daylight rather than sunlight.  The panel also contains a device that sends a text to a central waste team to say that the bin is now full and needs to be emptied.  The result is that bins get emptied when they are full or nearly full rather than on a set rota.

Big belly bins may not be needed in Clewer south at the moment, but they could help with litter problems in our town centres and free up personnel to tackle our litter in Dedworth.Big Belly Bin

I have proposed that RBWM tries out these bins and see what impact they can have in dealing with litter in our town centres.  Picture of caring councillor in the waste deport at City of London.