Archive for Month: August 2015

  • Garden in Bloom- Winner

    Overall winner for the Garden in Bloom Competition in Clewer South Mr Victor Rees of Poolmans Road is a veteran of the contest who is too modest to say how many times he has won it!  He spends many hours in his garden and tells me that ‘gardening can take all your cares away’.  With…

  • Dedworth Councillors Adopt A Street

    Dedworth Councillors have “adopted” Dedworth Road and Church Terrace as part of the Borough’s “Adopt a Street” Programme.  I think that we are the first councillors to have adopted a street, but hopefully that will encourage other RBWM councillors to follow suit! I find that being out and about on Dedworth Road is a great…

  • Road Safety- Filmer Road

    Good to see new ‘children at play’ sign up in Filmer Rd.  The children’s play area is really well hidden and the new sign should help drivers and children keep safe.

  • Good Business Neighbour Award for Dedworth

    This week I presented to the Council the idea of a good business neighbour award for shops and businesses in Dedworthl. The idea was unanimously accepted and the scheme will be launched later this year. Look out for details of how you can nominate a good business neighbour!

  • Council Leader Visits Dedworth

    Leader of RBWM David Burbage recently accepted my invitation to visit Dedworth and see what extra support we can give to businesses in the area.  Along with a number of  Dedworth councillors David visited busineses on Dedworth Road and discussed our ideas to improve pavements on Dedworth Road, Longmead and Manor Farm Close.

  • Dedworth Road- Litter

    We have been working on the lane beside Coral on Dedworth Road as part of our Adopt a Street litter cleaning activity. The lane was a magnet for litter and was no fun for residents or some of the shops near Coral. Many residents have been in touch on this point. It has made a…

  • Church Terrace- Looking Better

    Used to be one of our worst streets for litter! New bins have been ordered for each end of Church Terrace and it is now included on our Adopt a Street cleaning rounds. Council street cleaners also now have this one in their sights- we will crack it! Feedback from residents on Church Terrace is…

  • Dedworth Tree Pits

    This is a bit of a hobby horse for me! I think that overgrown or weed infested areas at the bottom of trees (tree pits) are a magnet for litter and do nothing for our area. That’s why I have a plan for Tree Pits in our area. I was inspired by residents in Bell…